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In Retailers on January 15, 2009 at 9:41 pm


Shelley mentioned a shopping web site to me and it’s quite consumptive. More on it in a moment. First, it got me thinking that maybe the web might be the biggest culprit in my faceless consumption, as well as my biggest savior. Not only can I shop Etsy (in the positive column) but I can also shop everywhere else in the world, from big faceless corporations, without even leaving my couch. Worse yet, I can’t just turn over the piece of junk I’m about to buy to see  from whence it’s stickered.

The site Shelley mentioned was ShopItToMe and it is a pretty neat idea. Plug in your contact info, your personal dimensions (aka. Sizes of clothing you’d like to shop for) as well as products, styles and manufacturers (or, I suppose more accurately, branders and distributors) and tell it how often you’d like to receive updates. Voila: in your inbox you’ll find all the sale items from all the stores of all the clothing stuff you wanna buy.

My first batch of matches included a pair of sexy boots from Kenneth Cole, and some very fancy sweaters from some very fancy manufacturers that I might have considered if I weren’t a very uncomfortably large man. (It’s easier to be fashionable if you’re tiny. Trust me. If I was 5’10” and 135 pounds, I would dress so great you wouldn’t believe it.)

The moral of this story is: I didn’t even have to search the internet to find the presumably-shoddily-constructed-or-even-nicely-constructed-but-still-made-in-a-foreign-sweatshop-I-assume stuff that I normally shop for on the Internet. Now, you can have it piped in directly to your email so you can even be a passive mass consumer.

Sheesh. Four days in and I’m already annoyed with my own shopping habits, as well as the consumer-centric culture I inhabit. Maybe I’m just already insufferable. Or maybe I was to start.



  1. We are thrilled to hear that Shop It To Me is helping to make your shopping experience easier. What a great story about only buying made in the USA items! We’d love to hear more details if you can email us at What are some favorite brands that fit this?

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