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On the origins of all sorts of stuff

In Stuff on January 16, 2009 at 12:53 pm


I suppose I should come up with some sort of hypotheses about which stuff comes from where. So, let’s see…

Food: I’m guessing most of it will come from the U.S. But I’m also assuming that it’ll be hard to tell the origins of much of it. And, secondly, are things like Argentinian chiles and oranges from Mexico off limits? Shelley says cans and stuff? I have no idea.

Clothes: I think this might be one of the hardest things to buy made in the USA. Unless we count vintage, in which case I’m golden. Most of my clothes seem to come from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and Thailand. Shelley says she doesn’t check clothing labels. Never, in fact.

House stuff: Shelley says she can’t even venture a guess. I assume some furniture will be US made, but most knick knacky stuff will be from the far east. Maybe India.

Electronics: I’m guessing that’s the other big impossibility. Are Zenith TVs still made? Weren’t they made in the USA? I’m in trouble if I have to buy a TV. I think.

Cars? Come on. That’s a tough one.

Consumables? Probably made in America for paper towels, TP, etc.

Ugh. There’s a lot to buy.



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