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Foreign and Green or Domestic and Consumptive? Discuss.

In Adventures on January 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

1.4.09: I received a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail yesterday and it occurred to me that I may no longer be able to buy stuff from them. Catalogs and online shopping will likely be off limits, because if I can’t tell where the stuff’s from, which it’s harder to do in catalogs, I’ll have to pass.

That’s a shame, because Pottery Barn has some really nice sales.

Their catalog also reflects a trend I’ve found increasingly over the last few days: everybody’s advertising their proud commitment to the green movement, no matter where the products are made. Before the New Year, I bought some stuff from Arhaus furniture and was provided a 100% Jute “green bag” to carry my purchases. The tag read, “100% Jute. Made in India.” That raises another great question: better to be foreign and green or domestic and consumptive? Perhaps no matter how green a jute bag may be, if it was shipped all the way from India it maybe isn’t as green as it hopes.

I suppose that’s the big reason to buy local; it’s greener.


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