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Refill your Uh Oh, mister?

In Edibles on January 19, 2009 at 11:57 am

1.4.09: Uh oh.

I found a list of American Made Coffees.

They include: Bad Ass Coffee, USA Coffee Company and various other Hawaiian-grown coffee companies. I guess that means I have to start buying American-made coffee and not Starbucks’ nectar of the gods.

(Although now that I think of it, I might get an exemption. Starbucks already has $125 on my behalf. I was the fortunate recipient of gift cards this Christmas from friends and family who know of my addiction. I can’t justify wasting that money, no matter where the coffee’s from. Besides, the “purchase” has already been made. I just haven’t received my stuff. But I guess the responsible thing is to make a responsible choice with that free money.)

It does really beg a question, though. Which way am I being a more responsible consumer, by buying coffee grown several thousand miles away in Hawaii and roasted there and shipped here, or by buying “imported” coffee that may technically come from a closer locale, albeit an international one, that is roasted and finished within a mile of my house?

Buy local policies seem to dictate the local roaster of imported coffee would be better than the domestic but far-away-made coffee. Buying American says Hawaiian coffee is better than Mexican coffee. What’s a boy to do?

This is hard.


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