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Fair Shares

In Edibles on January 21, 2009 at 8:39 pm

Dan and Crystal do this. They pay $50 per week and pick up a bag of locally grown/made/harvested/roasted groceries. They’re good people.

Fair Shares is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting fresh, local, seasonal food into the hands of more St. Louisans–regardless of their income. We think it’s important to know the origin of your food–who grew it and where. With all the horrifying stories of food contamination in the news lately, it’s a health risk not to know. We’re also committed to spreading the wisdom of eating seasonally (if you’ve ever eaten a grocery store tomato in the winter, you know what we’re talking about). Sustainable farming techniques are important to us as well. Organic is great, but certification isn’t a must for us. We know our farmers use minimal chemicals only when necessary and more importantly they use practices that don’t rob the earth of resources or harm the delicate equilibrium. Nature had it right to begin with, so we love it when farmers know how to work with nature instead of against it. Our food loves it, too. So do our bodies.


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