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A rambling rant about capitalism

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2009 at 10:25 am

1.6.09: Maybe it’s just because I know, in my heart of hearts, that truly and honestly big American corporations would kill me if they could make a buck and get away with it. Tobacco companies do it and that’s fine. I’m really not complaining. Lots of other companies do it in lots of subtler but probably even more evil ways. Let’s just not pretend that capitalism is anything other than a way to make a buck at any cost.

It’s not capitalism that imparts restrictions, regulations, guidelines and protections for those without the power and without the money. Those safety nets for the rest of us come from a society’s ethics, morals, values, etc that push against the capitalist agenda to create our “balanced” system. At its core, capitalism breeds greed. And in my book, greed is when people make choices they otherwise wouldn’t for profit. That’s why it’s up to people, even happy capitalists like me, to keep their capitalist pig tendencies in check. Alas, I have digressed.

I don’t trust big companies at all. And I don’t like the idea of them saying “This shirt sells for $30, and it costs us $10 to make in the States. Let’s take it to Bangladesh to have it made, where it’ll only cost $1.” Because I can good g____m guarantee you that that shirt is still gonna sell for $30. So I, the consumer, don’t see any benefit and my brother the tailor loses his job, and some dude in Bangladesh probably works in an awful factory specifically because he can make nine cents a day more doing that than he can working some other job that’s actually decent.

Most of that is speculation, but it is what forms my gut feeling about buying American. It’s less about patriotism and more about not letting big companies screw up my already screwed up enough country to make an extra buck without concern for the people of this country who will buy the stuff they’re selling, wherever it may be made.



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