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Woot. There it is.

In Retailers on January 22, 2009 at 10:05 pm

One of my favorite ways to buy stuff is via Woot’s motto is, “One day, One deal.” They list a thing every morning just after midnight, and they sell that thing for 24 hours or until they run out. Today it might be a universal TV remote, tomorrow a computer monitor. They may have ten or ten thousand, and when they’re out they’re out. And if you missed something good from last week, tough.

When you make a purchase they ship FedEx (usually) and shipping is always five bucks. Bought a speaker? Five dollars. A paperclip? $5. A 52-inch TV? $5. Nice.

I’ve made a few purchases from Woot over the past couple of years. A tiny little portable LCD TV. An ear-bud radio. Probably something else I’m not thinking of at the moment like a giant-buttoned calculator or cell phone charger recharger. That’s the thing about Woot: They don’t sell essential things. I love it, but it’s essentially stuff nobody really needs. Sure you might want it, but you don’t need it.

Woot represents everything that’s great about the Internet, and everything that’s awful about my own personal consumption. I too often buy to feel good, and Woot feels great. But I could have done without the stuff they sold me.

Even if I’m incapable, at least the site takes an appropriate view of the service it provides. Woot writers regularly refer to items listed for sale as “crap.” How apropos.



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