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Wine and Recycling. And Wine.

In Adventures on January 25, 2009 at 10:19 pm

1.10.09: I bought another dinner at the end of my block. Sasha’s, with Shelley and Erin and Orin (my neighbors and all-around nice people). We did have a Prosciutto appetizer, so I guess that wasn’t a local ingredient. No, scratch that: I think it was Volpi, from St. Louis. And I had a flight of Cabernets based on the assumption that they were all from California, which they would have been had they not been out of one and replaced it with a Chilean Cab that, of the three, was by far the best.  Lesson learned: even when you buy American, you might not get American.

I also prevented someone from buying, sort of. I was going to drop off my old guest bathroom vanity and sink at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (which is a great place to donate, and purchase, building materials and things) and ended up giving the set to a chap in the parking lot who was loading another sink into his van. He and his wife were very happy to receive the gift of sink, and I was quite happy to be getting rid of them. Plus it’s fun to give stuff to people. So that was neat.

And I recycled my Christmas Tree in Forest Park. The pile of trees was the size of a swimming pool, and it smelled really great.


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