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Good, but Spicy

In Edibles on February 3, 2009 at 6:02 am

1.17.09: Saturday. Didn’t leave the house ‘til dinnertime. We went to SLU for the International Student Dinner. Great food. Thai, Indian, Chinese and more. But it was made locally, by various restaurants in town. I didn’t buy it though. Shelley did.

Next was a SLU basketball game. Again Shelley made the purchases, and my portion included a $7 bottle of Budweiser and a sausage. (One of the options, along with hot dog and bratwurst, contained the magic word: “Volpi.” Volpi, of course, is the local brand of great Italian meats. Their salsiccia was excellent, albeit spicy.

As if that wasn’t enough consumption, after dinner and after the game full of eating and drinking, we headed down to the Schlafly Tap Room. Schlafly, of course, is the other St. Louis beer. I suppose I should have had the local product like everyone else did, but I was feeling like beer wouldn’t sit well so I had a glass of Fess Parker red wine from Santa Barbara. (I recall from my time there that Fess Parker was a bit of a local hero and vintner. So I did buy a local product, but several years too late and 2000 miles away.) To wash down the wine I had a pound of oysters that, like the salsiccia, were great but spicy.

Point is: even when I’m not buying keepable stuff (the kind that accumulates around your house as opposed to around your waist) I sure do like to buy and consume. Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time fitting into my Bangladeshi pants?


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