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Sunday Grocery Shopping Update

In Adventures on February 4, 2009 at 6:09 am

1.18.09: Other than forgetting to bring in my reusable shopping bags, today’s shopping trip wasn’t too bad. A little pricey–$125 for what felt like less than $100 worth of food, but I can’t complain given my diet and MITUSA restrictions. Interesting items today included:

Dog Chews – My dogs love a particular tightly twisted beef hide chewy thingy. It turns out that those particular dog chews are made in China. A few bigger name brands offer made in Brazil versions (which I suppose makes sense, given how much cattle is ranched in the region) but none of them from the USA. I did eventually notice that a similar, albeit more expensive and slightly different, product was proudly stamped Made In The USA front and center on the package. So I bought ten dollars worth, because that’s what the big bag of my dogs’ preferred Chinese chews cost, which was three smaller packages that probably amount to roughly half of the total chews in the preferred Chinese brand. Oh well.

Eggs – None of the eggs I examined specifically advertised a country of origin. So I bought the store brand, perhaps naively assuming that a St. Louis chain of stores would sell branded products that are “made” in the region. After a bit of research, I learned all sorts of things about where eggs come from except from where they come. I learned that brown eggs come from brown chickens, and white eggs come from white chickens. And that a “leghorn” (as in Foghorn Leghorn, the cartoon character) is a type of white chicken. And that chickens only have one oriface to rid themselves of bodily wastes and eggs and it’s called a cloaca and it means “sewer” in latin. It would appear, though, that Schnucks eggs are in fact USA made. Missouri-made, even. Or at least regionally made, by egg farms actually owned by the grocery store chain. Interesting. I had no idea my grocery retailer would actually own food production facilities, much less farms.

TP – My favorite brand of toilet paper, err… bath tissue… I’m happy to report is Made In The USA! I was actually kinda worried about that. I’m… comfortable… with my current brand preference. Glad I don’t have to find a new one. (Just for fun, I did some research and learned that my brand, Angel Soft, is made by Georgia Pacific and unlike some other major squeezable brands it does not contain scents or lotions or other additives. I also learned that there are a lot of blogs about toilet paper and that’s sort of inherently weird.)

Cheese – I found some brie that, to the best of my knowledge, sure does appear to be Made In The USA. The packaging doesn’t overtly say it, which usually means it’s not, but it sure seems to be. And after a bit of research, I found this!  Woohoo!

Sausage – I like Hillshire Farm smoked sausage. It’s a staple in my oh-so-healthy diet. And now I like it even more, because the company’s web site is Awesome. It also appears that the now huge company, a subsidiary of Sara Lee, is an all-American success story from Wisconsin, where it would appear their production facility (or at least one of them) still remains. (Since I wasn’t sure in the store, I also bought a Schnucks brand kielbasa that was packed locally. I can only assume if it was packed here, it was made here. Right?)

Emerald Nuts – Aha! Emerald nuts, makers of my favorite varieties of almonds, is not only a California company but a California producer. Excellent.

All in all, a successful adventure. You can buy MITUSA food. That’s a relief. I’m hungry.


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