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Love Is Important

In Adventures on February 7, 2009 at 6:04 am

1.21.09: Started planning for the big V day next month. It’s that holiday that creeps up on you and, before you know it it’s the day before and you don’t have dinner plans yet. Good luck getting a Valentine’s Day reservation anywhere worth eating the day before. I made mine today, more than three weeks ahead of this year’s Saturday V-day, and had my choice of 5:30 or 9:30pm. I’m getting old so 5:30 seemed fine.

The other part of the big-hearted holiday is stuff. Specifically, I need some good gift stuff for Shelley. I headed back to Etsy sure that I could find good gift options. In fact I did. Even better, though, I noticed a link on the homepage: Shop Local.

Turns out Etsy will let you shop by proximity, patronizing vendors based on how close to you they are. So you can use the whole big gosh darn worldwide interweb to buy a felt tea cozy from a girl across the street. Ain’t America great?

I ended up buying from another semi-DIY American-ish site: Café Press. The particular “store” I was shopping wasn’t giving me much MITUSA info, but it did finally spill that its orders were fulfilled by Café Press. Heading over that way, I found out that their production facilities are in Lexington, KY. How lucky. But really, if they’re just stamping a logo on a Chinese shirt… that’s kind of a stretch to argue that it’s Made In The USA. Thankfully I finally found some products they advertised as MITUSA (via American Apparel, worthy of its own blog post someday) and was able to buy my Kentucky-assembled American-made Valentine’s day gift that, hopefully, will be a big success.

Cross your fingers; love is important.



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