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Etsy Mitusa: Sounds Like Someone’s Aunt

In Adventures on February 8, 2009 at 6:09 am

1.23.09: I planned ahead for Valentine’s Day: I shopped at Etsy to get a head start and ensure I’d have something great in hand by the time the 14th rolls around. My Etsy shopping led to a lot of great ideas—to the point where I realized that even if you’re not trying to buy American, Etsy is an amazing place to shop for cute/unique/interesting/fun gifts for special people on special occasions.

I did eventually make a few purchases, which I can’t go into detail about here for obvious “in case my gf is reading” reasons. Suffice it to say I had a momentary doubt about the origins of an Etsy product, and when I contacted the seller she not only offered a somewhat customized version that more aptly met my needs, but she verified the MITUSA origins as well as the creation story behind the stuff. And it’s neat; dare I say, romantic even.



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