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Funny Vacation Fish Stories

In Adventures on February 8, 2009 at 8:39 pm

On vacation in Florida. Orlando, to be exact. Went to the Bass Pro Shop (I went fishing today; see the fish I caught below) and Shelley and I were greeted with a display of great American flag shirts. Really tacky in a really great jingoistic way. This is why I love the girl: she said “wait a second,” and marched over to the display and reached into the collar of a shirt. Mind you, THE ENTIRE SHIRT IS AN AMERICAN FLAG… The collar read prominently: Made In India.

I arrived with my fishing guide at the bait store on Lake Toho this a.m. bright and early. So early it wasn’t yet bright. I bought two-and-a-half-dozen large wild shiners. At $18.99 a dozen, I bought $49.99 worth of small fish to use to catch larger fish. It’s clearly a scam of some sort. But alas, I was stuck so I bought them. The shiners were wild caught on Toho, so they were definitely MITUSA. Safe there.

Otherwise I’ve only bought food and drinks. I did hit the gift shop at the hotel to see about some tacky Florida fridge magnets. Turns out that every souvenir I looked at was made in China. Even the ones that said Disney and Mickey and Florida and Orlando and stuff. That’s kind of weird, right? My favorite was the little boutiquey section of what appeared to be local-ish handmade glass jewelry. Just for curiousity, I flipped those too. Made. In. China.

I’m starting to feel a little cynical.

At least I caught a fish.


bill toho bass


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