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Who needs a 7 button?

In Adventures on February 9, 2009 at 6:11 am


The 7 button on my cell phone sticks. It either doesn’t click or it clicks twice. I’ve been holding on to this phone for as long as possible. It’s probably 2-plus years old. I don’t want a camera, or a fax machine, or a color screen, or anything else. I want to make calls that are clear and don’t get dropped. My phone is small and comfortable and it works, so I’m keeping it.

Unless the 7 button stops working.

Can there possibly be any Made In The USA cell phone options? As far as I can tell, no.

What will I do?

The best option I can think of is to have this one repaired. I don’t think they do that though, do they? I think they replace with newer/better/whatever.

Maybe I could buy used? That’s possible, in theory at least, at sites like Zendoo.

Maybe I should just disavow all relationships with people with sevens in their telephone numbers. I guess that means I can’t text anyone with PQRS in their name either. Nor can I text words that contain those letters.

Damn. That _eally _uck_.


  1. Hey,
    I’m the eCommerce manager for I just want you to know that we specifically check all of the 7 buttons on our phones. Let me know if you decide to replace the phone, I can help you choose the perfect phone for your needs.

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