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The Superbowl of Squash

In Adventures on February 11, 2009 at 6:05 am

1.30.09: Superbowl Sunday means one thing to me: chili. I prefer a beanless recipe from former Republican Senator Phil Gramm. Not kidding. It’s really good, and I’ve been making it for years.

So I hit the grocery store to semi stock up during my lunch hour. I was near a Dierbergs while running some work-related errands (which involved buying Fuji photographic film that without even looking I’m entirely sure is not MITUSA, but I can’t force my employer to live by my personal peculiarities. That, and I’m a photographer. Most of what is required for my job is made overseas. That’ll be a whole other can of worms eventually.) so I stopped there. Always such a nice experience in Dierbergs, though I do tend to feel a little outclassed by the store. I plunged ahead.

I deferred to beans and tomato pastes and canned things that specifically mentioned any sort of origin (Packed in America, Product of USA, or store brand since the store’s only in St. Louis I figure they don’t import their beans from Pakistan, etc) to the ones that artfully dodged the subject. I then stumbled upon a great gift.

There, in the cool glow of the refrigerator of veggies sat the biggest, roundest, greenest, organic-est Acorn Squashes I’ve ever seen. (I’ve only seen one other, so that’s not really a big deal.) Still, there they sat, and there they were stickered, and there it was. My three favorite words: Product. Of. U.S.A.

Woohoo! I bought two. $2.29 a pound translated to about $1.50 each, a 50% premium over the non-organic Mexican squash from my parents’ fridge. We’ll see if they pass the taste test. At least now I know you can get squash to pass the MITUSA test.



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