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Sign of the Valentimes

In Adventures on February 14, 2009 at 6:23 pm

As I was quickly snatching up some last minute Valentine’s Day treats (a card and some sweets for my sweet) I forgot myself momentarily and didn’t diligently check the origins of my stuff. Thankfully I caught myself before I made it to the checkout. Sure enough, two problems were averted.

1. I had picked up a handful of Hallmark cards (two V-day cards, one for the parents, and a few other general birthday and all-purpose greetings) and was shocked to see that, although most of them were MITUSA, one of them was Made In China. I went back to replace it with an American greeting card–but not from American Greetings. From Hallmark still. (I wonder where American Greetings greeting cards are made?)

2. I carried a particularly large Hershey’s Kiss with me, intended for my sweetie. Turns out that it was Made In Mexico, so it went back in favor of a strawberry creme filled chocolate heart from Russell Stover (as I recall). I’d never eat it myself–which is why I figured Shelley would love it.

Even when you’re picking up little things from the heart, you can’t lose your head. Gotta keep checking those labels. It’s an exercise in love, too.


purple swirl brag book

amour necklace

  1. Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, are you going to tell us what you picked up from Etsy for Shelly????

    • Surely.

      I got her a Purple Swirl brag book from Very Mary. It’s a little photo folder for her purse so she can show off pictures of her nephews and puppy. And possibly me, though I doubt it.

      Then I found a great little necklace from Ragtrader that I went back and forth with the seller about. (She was helpful, thankfully.) First it was to see if she had it in silver, then to see if she could vouch for its origin. She did and she could. So I bought it.

      I’ve just posted some pictures above.

      And I’m finna make a post about the third thing I got her in just a couple of days. Stay tuned…

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