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In Adventures on February 16, 2009 at 6:33 am

My parents returned from their cruise with gifts in hand. It’s sweet, really.

For Shelley, they had a lovely pair of jade and silver earrings from Guatemala. For me, they had a Kenneth Cole watch from the duty-free shop onboard the ship. It’s a great watch; I just have to readjust to wearing one again. It’s been years.

Curiosity piqued my interested, so I investigated. The brand is Kenneth Cole New York. That certainly implies where the thing is from, but I seriously doubt it’s a binding legal claim of origin. The box was stamped Made In China. The back of the watch itself–Japan Movement. But nowhere else on the thing or the band (“genuine leather”) or the box or the warranty or the watch itself was a country of origin listed. The closest I could come? Contact for repairs.

Geneva Watch Group is a Long Island, NY-based company that was recently purchased by Binda.

Binda Group, the Italian watch and jewelry company, on Sept. 4 [2008] acquired Advance Watch Group, the U.S. watch and clock manufacturer doing business as Geneva Watch. It was owned by Heritage Partners, a Boston private equity fund.

That’s a lot of information, none of which states where the hell the damn thing was made.

I’m struck from all this research, and research for every other thing I buy, how many companies just own other companies who import goods branded by other companies which are made by still other companies.

I need to incorporate or something. Go global. Legitimize. Brand identity. And so on.



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