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I need some Junk for my Trunk.

In Adventures on February 25, 2009 at 12:13 am

Seriously. I need some junk for my trunk. Like junkyard junk, for my car trunk. Literally.

The hydraulic lifters for my hatchback hatch, i.e. trunk, have lost pressure and haven’t held the truck open for several months now. Well, yesterday they went out completely–and I learned that trunks are HEAVY. Like dangerously heavy. This is a serious issue. I NEED to fix them.

The car’s a Hyundai, made in Korea. OEM lifters are presumably Korean as well. I found them online, didn’t look up the origins because of my assumptions, but didn’t buy them. On sale for $45 new.

I decided to find them at a junkyard–utilizing the same principle. Even if they’re not 10 years old, if I get them from a used 2002 that’s been junked… that’s even older. That’s saving them from the landfill. They’re literally junk. Salvage. Rescued. That’s awesome. That’s DEFINITELY the way I want to go.

So I filled out an online search form. Hopefully Al’s Auto Salvage will find them, or their network of other junkyards will. We’ll see. Fingers are crossed…


  1. Can’t wait to read the new-camera post.

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