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Ted Koppel’s China

In Adventures on March 8, 2009 at 12:04 am

As I write this I’m watching a Discovery Channel miniseries on China hosted by Ted Koppel. It’s called “The People’s Republic of Capitalism,” and this episode is about China’s changing automotive economy.

I looked online for a clip, and while I couldn’t find one I did find this trailer. It’s nice, but it doesn’t have the great pull-quotes.

– More Buicks are sold in China than are sold in the United States.

– It’s got nothing to do with national loyalty any more. It’s just an international business. Wherever you can do business… I mean, do you even consider that you’re working for an American company?

– In the old days, the line used to be: What’s good for General Motors is good for The USA. That world is gone.

– The name of the game is capitalism. Who would’ve thought that China, of all countries, would be so good at it.

I suggest you keep an eye out.


koppel china


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