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Responsible Shopper

In Resources on March 18, 2009 at 12:40 am

There’s a site called Green America that publishes a Responsible Shopper guide for people who want to be, well, responsible shoppers.

At first blush I wonder how many of the “facts” on the web site are actually made up of rumor, opinion and innuendo.

For example, the Wal Mart page says “Wal-Mart hurts U.S. communities by undercutting local merchants and increasing urban sprawl, and its suppliers have been cited for labor and human rights violations.” While that’s the sort of thing most reasonable people would pretty much agree on, it has the distinct lack of citation that rings of opinion.

Generally, though, it seems to have a helpful bent–even if it’s more philosophical than practical. For example, on the Go Green resource page for athletic wear, it suggests:

While there are some sports that do require special clothing, shoes and protective gear, there is no rule that says that you must have yoga pants to do yoga, the latest cross trainers to go for a walk, or a new sports cami for working out at the gym. Be comfortable, be safe, but don’t be a slave to sports fashion.

I really had my heart set on a new sports cami. Oh well.

That’s a good point that needs to be made more often; we don’t need nearly as much as we think we do. But that doesn’t particularly help if and when you do need new athletic wear. In those cases, look to any site with an American flag background–it’s sure to sell American-made items.


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