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Record Store Day is April 18th

In Adventures on March 19, 2009 at 12:18 am

A band of which I am a fan just sent me an email inviting me to purchase a record. They are My Morning Jacket and, it would appear, they also care about how they sell and how we buy.

hello friends. we are proud to announce and release a lil live ep that was recorded right in our very own hometown of louisville, ky. a few songs were taken from our in-store appearence at our beloved and fabled record haven “ear-x-tacy” and a few of them were taken from our concert at the fabled “waterfront park.” see if you can guess which is from which. we are excited to make this a special release that you can only get at your favorite local independent record store, as now more than ever we all need to take the time to celebrate what our favorite local record stores and businesses mean to us–the value of community/human to human non- internet related physical and spiritual contact and supporting the hardworking people in your community who strive everyday to keep it unique and keep it local. we are fortunate in our travels to get to see many wonderful things, but one of the most distressing things is the increasing “normalization” of the world and how all these places are starting to look the same–everywhere you look more and more towns are starting to be filled with the same gigantic corporations, and while some of these huge companies undoubtably provide valuable services, it is so important that we realize that it is our local businesses and people (and natural landscapes, but thats a different letter) that are what make different towns worth coming to… things you can only get in one place, made and sold by people who believe in what they are doing… people who are trying to keep good weirdness alive in this crazy dome. god* bless all of you, and god* bless the world and all that kinda sh*t. 

-yer pals, my morning jacket

 p.s. *the word “god*” is used here meaning anything you want it to mean and is a trademark of globo-chem worldwide.

 The EP (in both CD and limited edition double 10″ vinyl) will be available at finer independent retailers beginning on Record Store Day, April 18.

To find the store closest to you, click here.
For those outside these United States, click here.





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