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Green With Indie

In Adventures on March 26, 2009 at 12:38 am

I thumbed through the Riverfront Times the other day and learned about the Green With Indie craft fair. It was this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Brought to you by the folks at the St. Louis Craft Mafia. (“We got your crafts right here.”)

My first thought: I should go!

Then I really thought about it and realized I don’t particularly need anything at the moment.

Aha! Another teachable moment.

I realized that what seemed appealing was the idea that I could go to this and buy things–any things–because they’d be Made In The USA. Another one of those Etsy-come-to-life sort of things that gets you excited about getting.

But I don’t need anything from a place like that at the moment. And I know that in the past I’ve seized the opportunity to buy stuff as an opportunity to entertain myself. Shopping therapy, I think it’s called.

I hoped that buying American stuff would help me get a handle on buying stuff I don’t need just to be buying stuff. And for the second time in not too long, I’ve had a moment of realization and restriction: I almost bought more stuff I didn’t need.

That was a close one.


  1. RETAIL therapy.

  2. Finally, your shopping expertise comes in handy.

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