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I’m tired of weird commercials.

In Resources on March 27, 2009 at 12:47 am

This is only tangentially related to buying. It’s directly related to shopping, which is motivated by advertising and can lead to buying. So.

Is anybody else ready for those “weird for the sake of being weird” commercials to stop altogether? Like now. Immediamente.

Burger King is probably to blame. They started with a dancing online chicken thingy a few years ago, and that spawned weirdness on TV. Then they did the whole series of “reality” commercials (in which they tricked regular customers into believing they’d stopped making the Whopper and watched them freak out–which raises all sorts of questions about how/why/if a company is willing to screw up one customer’s experience to bring in two more customers that I think could probably fill up an entire blog of its own) and now that “WTF” motive is everywhere.

This post was inspired by the strange Quizno’s commercial I just saw. An oven talked to a Quizno’s employee who was not like any Quizno’s employee I’ve ever seen in that he appeared to not be a stoned high-school kid in a dirty polo shirt. I should mention that I hate Quizno’s. It was weird. And now I hate Quizno’s a little bit more.

It was followed, mere seconds later, by one of those weird E-Trade talking baby commercials. Talking babies are always bad, in my opinion. As a rule.

Old Spice did it. Weird for the sake of stupid. And dumb. And lots of bad.

As Shelley’s three-year-old-nephew would say… Done.

Another reason to buy local. There aren’t weird commercials trying to convince you to do it. Don’t encourage them or they’ll just keep annoying us.


  1. Becky Queen of carpets?

  2. First of all, Ev doesn’t say just “done” anymore. He says lots and lots of things. Also, didn’t know that you hated Quizno’s because I LOVE Quizno’s!!!

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