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If you buy CFL light bulbs you might be a bad person.

In Adventures on April 11, 2009 at 12:54 am

So CFL on this blog does not involve Canadian Football. It means Compact Fluorescent, as in the light bulb variety.

I’ve mentioned before that, to the best of my understanding, no CFL light bulbs are manufactured in the U.S. Based on further recent personal investigation, it is my belief that none are manufactured anywhere outside of China.

Some people are pissed about that. Or at least they were two years ago. Given how popular CFLs are these days because of their energy-saving qualities, I’m guessing these haters are even more unhappy lately.

AFL-CIO – GE Workers say ‘Screw That’

If GE has its way, it will no longer manufacture light bulbs in the United States. Since 1980, employment in GE lighting plants in this country has dropped by 68 percent. If everyone switched to the Chinese-made CFL bulbs, all U.S. plants would close.

Well that doesn’t seem very efficient at all.


      • You know, I actually came across the LOA site when I first wrote that, and didn’t see anything other than the site name that indicated they were in fact MITUSA so I dismissed the company completely. This time, though, I found the statement that they are “proud to be the only ‘US Made’ Twister style compact fluorescent lamp in the United States.” I am concerned about the quotes they put around “US Made” and would like to actually know some facts and figures about ’em before I officially endorse and/or rush to purchase their CFLs. But hey, it’s certainly better than nothing. (If in fact they are truly MITUSA, they are doing a HORRIBLE job marketing their products, because there are hundreds if not thousands of discussions on the Internets about this very topic, and nobody knows about ’em.)

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