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In Adventures on April 12, 2009 at 12:46 am

I need a body cap for my Canon camera. A body cap, for those who don’t know, is like a lens cap for the camera body when the lens isn’t on it.

Normally a person in need of a body cap would go to a camera store and say “I need a body cap for my camera.” They would then be handed a body cap in exchange for $10 or so (which is an outrage for a little blob of plastic) and everybody would go about their merry way.

Except that if you look inside a body cap it will undoubtedly say something like “Made in China” or “Made in Japan” or “Made in Taiwan.”

There are lots of aftermarket makers of lens- and body caps, but they don’t seem to come from ‘Merica neither.

So the next best thing, in my humble opinion, is to find a used one.

I searched eBay for “Canon Body Cap” and found 218 results. I eliminated the new ones by adding “-new” to the search terms, and that cut the field in half. Many of the candidates were still in fact new, however, so I decided to 86 the “-new” and add the word “used” to the search. Eureka!

Out of the few dozen candidates, a handful were in fact what I wanted–used body caps that had originally come with a camera purchase and had now been separated for god knows what reasons from their cameras. Kinda like the reason why I need a body cap in the first place.

So I bought one. $5.95 will deliver to my door via USPS a used OEM (original equipment manufacturer, if I’m not mistaken–which means it’s actually a Canon lens cap rather than an aftermarket compatible version) Canon EOS body cap.

Whether or not this action will singlehandedly turn around the U.S. economic crisis remains to be seen.


    1. Man! I have at least three extra body caps floating around one of my camera bags. Do you need any Cokin filters?

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