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Nope. Lowe’s doesn’t _uck. Not totally, anyway.

In Adventures on April 13, 2009 at 12:01 am

I got my answer regarding FSC certification and lumber origins today from the Lowe’s “specialist” in my local store. While it wasn’t what I was hoping for, I have to say that not only did the process of getting feedback via the Lowe’s web site work, I’d say that this chap went above and beyond in providing me useful information. Here’s what he said:

I appreciate your inquiry. Unfortunately we don’t purchase FSC product. It’s possible by chance it could be bought on the spot market by our buyers from time-to-time, but rarely. Pioneer Lumber in St. Louis would be an outlet; they are at 314.621.0320. There is also one Depot in the area–the Home Depot in Wentzville. We do buy from companies that protect the forest through active re-forestation processes and such.

I’m not going to mention this helpful man’s name because it wouldn’t be fair to him–especially if the Lowe’s brass decides that they don’t like him mentioning the competition. (Allow me to point out, Lowe’s brass, that this response has just turned me into a bigger fan of your store. A lesser “specialist” wouldn’t have been so helpful. You’ll notice that nobody from the orange-clad competition went so above and beyond.)

I’m not sure I’m hip on driving to Wentzville to find FSC certified products, but I can give Pioneer Lumber a call.

And as for the “protecting the forest through active re-forestation and such,” well that’s just not enough. That’s what the FSC certification officially signifies. Without that, it’s just empty hype. The certification provides the assurance for a conscientious consumer such as myself that I’m not buying wood of the irresponsibly clearcut variety.


    1. Thanks for the Update. It’s very good to know, Lowe’s is my #2 Favorite hardware store(#1 is TrueValue). Can’t beat wandering around those places… Unless you could wander around one with beer.

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