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Michael Jackson is selling his stuff.

In Adventures on April 14, 2009 at 12:21 am

Michael Jackson is selling his stuff. And if you think I’m not buying some of it, you’re crazy.

I could get a Lladro figurine. Of children. From Michael Jackson.

Or a life-size chef figure.

Maybe an MTV Moonman “Artist of the Decade” award.

Ah. Here it is. I’m bidding on this: A 1984 letter from President Ronald Reagan that reads, “Dear Michael: I was pleased to learn that you were not seriously hurt in your recent accident. I know from experience that these things can happen on the set–no matter how much caution is exercised. All over America, millions of people look up to you as an example. Your deep faith in God and adherence to traditional values are an inspiration to all of us, especially young people searching for something real to believe in. You’ve gained quite a number of fans along the road since “I Want You Back” and Nancy and I are among them. Keep up the good work, Michael. We’re very happy for you.”

Wish me luck. Seriously.




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