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Leftovers and epiphanies.

In Adventures on April 21, 2009 at 12:34 am

I just ate a dinner of leftovers. Leftover fish. Fish that I caught, killed, cleaned, cooked and ate.

It occurred to me as I enjoyed a more profound bite than usual that catching a fish and eating it is applicable to this blog. I not only consumed a local product, I consumed a local product that I didn’t even have to buy. I averted the whole darn commoditized food chain thingy and had a great dinner in the process. Not too shabby.

I suppose it’s the same sort of consumption achievement as baking your own bread or growing your own salad. Reader #6 grows his own greens and then some. He has a whole gardening lifestyle that allows him to check out of the buying cycle on a much larger scale, though I think he does it as much because he enjoys it as he does for some higher purpose. He blogs about it at his web site.

The point is… Well, I don’t know what the point is. Maybe just that it’s kind of nice to be responsible for something you consume from start to finish. It’s a powerful feeling, and a grounding one too. I guess it would probably be a similar feeling to constructing your own shelter, or building a chair or sewing a dress. I don’t do enough of that “practical” stuff. Probably most of us don’t. If we did, maybe all of this MITUSA-ness would take on a whole different relevance. As it is, it’s more important where our stuff comes from because in a practical sense all of it comes from someone, or somewhere, else. We don’t tend to really do anything for ourselves.

I think maybe my fish dinner is the first time I really provided for myself, in a very basic sense, in a very long time. Or maybe ever.

Somehow, I think, this all fits together.

If you happen to know how, please tell me.



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