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Made in Missouri at the Mall

In Adventures on May 6, 2009 at 12:21 am

Every time I go to the mall, I stand around looking at tags on things I can’t buy.

Shelley and I went to the Mills Mall this weekend, and I got tired of standing around looking at tags on things I can’t buy. (I did discover a shirt in the Old Navy outlet that was made in Lesotho. I don’t know where that is, but now I’m intrigued.) So I went into the Missouri Mercantile store. The store is run by “purveyors of fine Missouri products.”

It was mostly food, so that’s a good start.

Chocolate and wine and cheese and samples of pretzels and dips and all sorts of things. So I snacked. Some of the snacks were good, so I bought them.

Randy’s Salsa, though awfully named is actually quite tasty. Very sweet, which is nice in conjunction with standard salsa spiciness. And it’s made in Florissant, which is a suburb of St. Louis. Nice job, Randy.

And I also bought some garlic dip mix. Today I mixed it into some sour cream purchased specifically for the purpose, and man it’s good. I forget where the mix was made, but it was obviously somewhere in Missouri.

It was a nice juxtaposition to buy uber-local stuff in the middle of a mall selling the most imported stuff you can imagine. The Mills Mall looks to be having a hard time, in my humble opinion. Maybe if they sold more dips and chocolate they’d do better than imported shirts and stuff. Or not. A guy can dream, though.

If you’d like to shop there, you can go to the Mills Mall before it falls in on itself (sorry for the bad karma, Mills Mall) or visit the Missouri Mercantile online at

They sell a lot of wine. A LOT of wine. Some of it’s even good. I think they say the best Missouri wine is the Norton variety. The Nortons I’ve tried have in fact been quite good. It’s red. Every white from Missouri I’ve ever tried has tasted like WD-40 and Windex.

If you’re reading this from California, you may find it interesting that we grow grapes and make wine in Missouri. Apparently we were huge before prohibition, and all the fields were destroyed then so they had to start over from scratch–which is apparently really difficult to do. My favorite thing a Californian once said to me about Missouri wines is that “that’s where the box wine comes from.” Nice.


  1. Stone Hill Winery’s Vidal Blanc is a pretty good White. I don’t like white wine, normally.

    They tours of their winery too. Free tasting afterward (AKA get you snockered so you will buy their products).

  2. We actually didn’t go into Old Navy. It was either in Banana Republic or Gap – same overarching company, either way.

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