Made In The U.S.A.


In Adventures on May 9, 2009 at 12:33 am

Cabela’s is the “world’s foremost outfitter” of things for hunting and fishing. I don’t hunt, but I sure like to fish.

I’m going fishing this weekend with Henry. Sorry mom. I’ll be late for Mother’s Day. In fact, I’m writing this post early. As you’re reading it, I’ll be fishing.

Wish me luck, because it’s a fishing tournament. Think of it like a big bike race, but with camoflauge and spitting. (I’ve never understood why so many fishermen wear camo. Maybe because they’re often hunters too? Or maybe just because they think it looks cool? I digress.)

I’m angling for pride and cash. Mostly the cash. Last year we got second place and split more than $300, which is pretty cool when you like to do it even for free. So this year the pressure’s on.

Anyway, part of the fun (requirement?) of fishing is to buy fishing stuff. I’ve discussed that before. Anyway, the point is, Henry suggested a few very specific baits to purchase, so I went to Cabela’s to get them. Big problem: many of them are not MITUSA.

The good news is that my favorite crankbait, the Bill Lewis “Rat-L-Trap”, is 100% proud to be Made In The USA. So I stocked up on lots of them. The other good news is that “soft plastics” (which in the good ol’ days were called rubber worms) tend to be MITUSA too. So I got a bunch of those as well. The bad news is that two of the baits I was specifically searching for were imported. Hecho en Mexico and Made in China, respectively.

There’s a trend these day, actually, and that’s that some of the finest bass fishing gear comes from Japan. Not just made there, but innovated there. Apparently bass fishing is big in Japan, and their fishermen (or fishing designers) are really on the cutting edge of things. Which is a problem if you’re not buying stuff from overseas.

Anyway, wish me luck. If I can catch American fish on my American baits, I’ll be quite happy. And if I don’t, it will be further evidence that nothing good is Made in America.


  1. Good luck, Bill. At least it should be easy to find good MITUSA beer for your outing.

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