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I still need a new record player.

In Adventures on May 12, 2009 at 12:34 am

I still need a new record player. The one I rescued from the dumpster occasionally slows down, making it hard to rock out with anything out.

Even though I still need a new record player, I went to Vintage Vinyl on my way home and bought four used records. I must confess, I felt old and unhip buying four records that are decidedly uncool. But still, the heart wants what it wants.

1. Because Shelley and I had a phenomenal time at the Fleetwood Mac show last week (Lindsey Buckingham is a rock god. Seriously.) my first selection was the album Tango In The Night. It contains two essentials not in my collection–the songs Big Love and Little Lies. I can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow.

2. Ditto all the reasons in item number one, above, as the basis behind this selection, the album Tusk. This one was purchased specifically for the song Tusk, which if you don’t recognize by the name you would if you heard it. It has a marching band and the angry refrain, “Don’t say that you love me.”

3. Because Shelley just purchased our tickets for another ridiculous arena-rock show this summer, I hit the 80s rock bin to find Pyromania by Def Leppard. In case you forgot, that’s the one with the tracks Photograph, Foolin, and Rock of Ages. You know you like it.

4. And because I felt like buying more records, I wandered around until I found something I wanted. It was the Go Go’s album Beauty and the Beat, containing the hits We Got the Beat and Our Lips are Sealed. I think the Go Go’s sound nice on vinyl.

Best of all, I got to buy stuff I don’t need just because I felt like it, and it’s all guilt-free.


Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night





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