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MITUSA Certification

In Adventures on May 17, 2009 at 12:47 am

Yes, it’s true. There is a certification for Made In The USA products. It’s called USA-C.

While I have absolutely nothing to do with it, I’m going to claim responsibility for this company’s certification process.

To be clear, I have no reasonable right to do so. But still. I called it.

It’s simple. You claim you make your stuff in America? Well we’ll be the judge of that. Then we’ll either certify that statement as true, or tell you to hire better marketing people.

In order to be awarded use of the USA-C seal, products must be certified as having all or virtually all of their core components manufactured in the United States and as well as 100% of their assembly conducted in the USA. In the case of consumables (human and animal), 100% of the core components as well as 100% of the assembly must be conducted in the USA.

Good to know at least someone’s trying this. But I’m not sure how many people/companies are buying. I hit the directory for an added resource, but it turns out that they’re either so busy they haven’t had time to create the robust list of certified companies, or they were too embarrassed to post a list of three certified manufacturers.

Plus, the “all or virtually all” standard set forth is exactly the same language that the FTC uses to determine if a company can legally claim MITUSA status. So really, in terms of packaging, “Made In The USA” is technically as strong a statement (in legal terms) as this certification would be.

Either way, it’s a start. Halfway to some sort of universal certification that backs up the claim that something is Made In The USA is better than nothing. I think.


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