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Wilco (The Album)

In Adventures on May 19, 2009 at 12:22 am

Wilco’s got a new record due next month. They sent me an email to announce they’d put it up online for free streaming (their way of saying, I think, “please don’t steal our music, but you’re welcome to listen to it.”) A week or so later they sent another message to announce that CD and vinyl versions are available for pre-order.

I don’t often pre-order my music. But the mention of the new record available as a vinyl record reminded me of my new addiction.

But when I clicked through to the site to order the album on vinyl, I was greeted with a few unfortunate words: “Manufactured in Germany.”

Sorry, Wilco. I can’t buy your audiophile first pressing of “Wilco (The Album)” on vinyl this year. But I can accept it as a gift. (Note: This is not intended to suggest that my family or friends buy me this record. This is intended, of course, for a member of the band to be inspired to send the record to me.)

Until then, I shall content myself with listening to the record online. And presumably I’ll buy the album on iTunes once it’s out. And then I’ll just frame the one the band sends me.

Who am I kidding; I’ll listen to that one too.


wilco (the album)

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