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Ten things I bought last year that I’d have a helluva time trying to buy this year. Part 1.

In Adventures on May 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

I bought a house in 2007. Labor day I moved in. I unpacked for a couple of months. Then I spent most of 2008 furnishing and finishing the bulk of the place. It’s by no means “finished,” but I am sitting on a couch with my feet on a coffee table and I’m watching a TV.

Essentially, I dodged a huge bullet. A flurry of gunfire, really. I bought a whole ton of stuff when I wasn’t concerning myself from whence it came.

That got me to thinking: what if I was furnishing my house this year. What if I was furnishing my house with only American-made stuff?

It’s a scary proposition.

Last year, I bought:

1. A couch. From Italy. I shopped a lot until I found one that was the size/shape/comfort that I wanted, in a price I could tolerate, and a color that didn’t hurt my face. I’m sitting on it right now. It’s comfy.

(I bought chairs too, but I figure the couch kinda covers that one.)

If I was gonna buy an American-made couch… I suppose I could buy Amish furniture. I am a little limited in terms of style, though. There are probably some boutique makers to be found all over the country. But realistically, I would have looked for a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa. The company employs, as of 2005 anyway, more than 700 furniture makers in its Taylorsville, North Carolina factory. I couldn’t find any info on the company site that touted MITUSA-ness, which leads me to believe that not ALL of its products are Made In The USA. But I can’t prove it, so I won’t tout it. I know I can buy some American-made furniture from MG&BW. And I know that I like it. And I know it’s available at many popular chain stores–like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel. I also know that I usually can’t afford much of it.



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