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Ten things I bought last year… Parts 3 and 4.

In Adventures on May 27, 2009 at 12:54 am

Last year I also bought:

3. A cool white coffee table that looks like a folded piece of futuristic something or other. It’s nice, really. I got it from the same place I got the couch, but about nine months later.

If I was gonna buy an American-made coffee table… I suppose I’d defer to MG&BW just as I did with the couch. Or I could always consider a local craftsman, or building my own, or finding the perfect table at a flea market or antiques shop. But what if I wanted a high-style fancy-schmancy coffee table? I’m not sure where I’d turn, because I know most of those options come from overseas. And I know, as this article points out, it’s all our own fault as consumers.

4. Ceiling fan(s). Plural. Three of ’em. And a Pottery barn light fixture when I didn’t like one of the ceiling fans. And another light fixture for my dining room. One for my bathroom as well. And one in the closet, one in the hall, and probably one somewhere else I’m not thinking of.

If I was gonna buy American-made light fixtures and ceiling fans… Well, hell… I’d go here! None of the brand names jump out as recognizable to me, but the products certainly appear to be nice looking enough. Maybe nothing terribly avant garde, but I can live with nice enough–especially in lieu of cheap and crappy big-box store lighting. Interestingly, the store has a different standard for what constitutes MITUSA–at least 51% of the parts must be from here, and the whole thing must be assembled here, and the maker must be an American company. Pretty tough, that last bit.

I could also shop for outdoor lighting at Craftsman Outdoor Lighting. Everything this company makes it makes in the U.S. And while it may not be cutting edge, there appears to be a nice selection of Mission styled fixtures. I can get behind that. Further searching would surely reveal many more makers of American lighting like this; I just won’t be able to walk into any old store and find them as easily as I can online. Still, the option is there.

But there are no ceiling fans at AmericanMadeLighting or Crafstman Outdoor, though. For those, one will have a tougher time. According to the aptly named “Ceiling Fans ‘n More” site, it’s essentially impossible to buy a brand new American-made ceiling fan since Marley stopped making theirs. Perhaps one could buy an American-made ceiling fan if one was interested in buying an old Hunter original via eBay. I know I’ve sold two ceiling fans and a light fixture via Craigslist (my least favorite site ever, by the way) in the last six months, so maybe that’s a realistic viable option for buying used too.

If you absolutely have to have a brand new ceiling fan, you can’t get one that’s MITUSA. The closest you can come is to get one–the single one line of fans–that’s not made in China. It’s from Matthews. It’s pretty cool, too.


  1. I bought a Craftsman light a few years ago… they were awesome and sent a replacement pane of glass that broke in shipping.

    Now if only I’d install it… I’m having some siding work done, maybe I’ll get off my ass and do it. 🙂

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