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What Americans are willing to give up.

In Adventures on June 8, 2009 at 12:14 am

Forbes, the magazine from which I get all my fashion tips, published an article called “What Americans are willing to give up.” It turns out we are willing to give up some things to save money. Who’d have thunk it?

Before I read on for the answer, I thought about what I have most given up this year (for MITUSA reasons as much as economic ones) and decided that it was clothes. (Which, I should point out, even though I’m happy to be sacrificing and feeling good about my buying habits, is getting increasingly difficult. I just wanna buy a nice new shirt!) Turns out, other Americans said clothes too.

Unsurprisingly, a personal clothing budget is seen as a want, not a need. In March, even cheap and trendy fashion retailer H&M, thought to be safer from the downturn than struggling companies like Saks and Gap, saw a 3% decrease in same-store sales. On April 13, Talbots–the classic clothing brand–reported that year-over-year sales in its fourth quarter dropped by 16% to $327.9 million.

We also were okay with giving up dining out, expensive ticketed events, and expensive organic groceries.

I suppose giving up the expensive organic groceries isn’t going to help bring those prices down. Maybe we could also shop at Wal Mart and look for discounted cheaply made imported goods elsewhere to help save a buck or two. In the short term, of course.



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