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Guacamole Hallelujah

In Adventures on June 21, 2009 at 12:36 am

At the grocery store today I did the same ritual as always: I stopped by the avocado stand to fondle the fruits.

This time, though, for the first time in six months, mingled in with all the Mexican avocados, was a different beast: an organic avocado, stamped USA.


I had to fight the urge to buy all of them. So I only got three. I’m letting them ripen as we speak.

Interestingly, they were in the organic basket. (There’s the basket of Haas, the basket of generic Mexican avocados, the basket of overripe Mexican avocados, and the basket of Organic avocados.) The organics have always been Mexican. Today, though, the basket was mixed.

I’m excited.



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