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American Apparel at Last

In Adventures on June 24, 2009 at 12:09 am

When we were in Atlanta last week (popping the question, you know) we went shopping while we killed time between hotel checkout and airport takeoff. Shelley spotted an American Apparel store across the lot and pointed it out eagerly, knowing it was one of the few (really, the only) place that sells American-made clothes. Keen eyes, good heart, thinking about her beau’s needs… That’s the kinda gal you marry.

So we stepped into the store and straight back to 1985. One salesgirl was wearing pink tights under gold lamé shorts. And that was the good part of her outfit. But now I just sound like an old fogey, and that’s not really the point.

The point is that it was so awesomely liberating to know that everything in the store came from a factory in Los Angeles. The challenge I had was being a supersized guy. So I had to improvise. Got a sweatband for tennis. A gym bag for boot camp. A couple pairs of socks, for both aforementioned activities. And some underpants. All in all, quite the haul. I forget the total spend, but it was considerably more expensive than if I’d bought imported junk from Target or Wal Mart. But then again, I don’t usually feel all gratifyingly warm inside when I buy underpants at Wal Mart or Target.

Also, I should point out that not all the goods they sell are MITUSA. One section was called California Select, and it was full of hand-picked vintage clothes and deadstock, including sunglasses and accessories. (Deadstock is old, a’la vintage, but still brand new from unsold stock. So somehow they found a truck full of Members Only jackets and awful sunglasses circa 1985 and now they’re making a killing selling it to hipsters in the ‘burbs. I love America.)


  1. You must have snuck in the sweatband because I DO NOT remember that one!

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