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I bought a new phone.

In Adventures on June 26, 2009 at 12:28 am

I bought a new phone. But not really. I bought a used phone. It’s new to me, but it used to belong to somebody else. Based on the signature programmed into the text editor, it appears to have belong to someone named Molly. So Molly if you sold your phone to, and if it was an LG Voyager, it’s now mine. Don’t worry, I’ll give it a good home.

It’s a nice phone, Molly. I wonder why you didn’t like it?

Perhaps you felt like a new iPhone was cooler. Or something flashier would fit your Molly-ish attitude better. You’re probably right. But this phone works fine. It’s got a touchscreen. Flips open. Great condition, no real scratches or anything damaged–even though Zendoo called it “fair” condition. You can even watch TV on it!

Generally it’s light years ahead of my old brick of a phone, and the 7 button works. And I got it for a heckuva price and didn’t have to extend my Verizon contract. And I kept your phone out of a landfill. And I didn’t require someone to import a new gadget into the states from someplace far away. So that’s nice.


  1. Hey! I work with and I’m interested in your situation. We wipe personal data off each and every phone in our inventory so I’m interested to know how this one got through our screening process. What do you mean by text editor? Let me know if this is an issue that you would like us to resolve.

    • It’s really not a problem. I just noticed that all my texts ended with “Molly.” My name is not Molly, so I decided to delete this. It’s the only trace on the phone of a previous owner, and it wasn’t a problem to delete. I found the settings for “signature” in the text message composer, and deleted Molly. Then I considered smarty-pants things I could end each text message with, and ultimately thought better of it. My guess is that the “Molly” signature lives in a different part of the phone than all that other info that sure enough seems to be gone.
      By the way, I’m now a couple of weeks into it and I couldn’t be more pleased. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t buy used phones.

  2. My phone has been in the process of crapping out for a couple weeks now. I HAD been looking at new phones. Just purchased one from Zendoo. Got it for less than half price shipped… We shall see.

  3. […] can learn from my phone. In Adventures on December 23, 2009 at 12:24 am You may recall that I bought a cell phone this year. How do you buy an American-made cell phone, you ask? You buy one that has become a […]

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