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Steel and Cars

In Adventures on June 29, 2009 at 12:05 am

It didn’t occur to me before the steel convention just how much American steel producers are connected to American auto producers. But of course. It only makes perfect sense.

During the convention, a lot was made about the ailing American auto manufacturers. GM and Chrysler and Ford, the “big three” automakers, aren’t exactly having a great year. Two of ’em are bankrupt. The third is Ford, so that’s not much better.

Interestingly, one of the big steel guys made a great point when addressing the topic. It’s not like all of their customers are hurting. There are in fact six big auto producers in the U.S. And if Toyota and Honda and whoever else that third one might be are buying American steel to make their cars in America, you’d have a hard time arguing that their products aren’t “American.”

The point being, this isn’t the same old world we’re living in. If Ford folds, sure it’s bad for big steel. But at least there are the “imports” to pick up some slack.

It’s just so interesting how what was once up is now down, what was black is now white, what was bad is now good.

I guess you can buy a Honda, then.



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