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An adventurous non-buying idea.

In Adventures on July 9, 2009 at 12:51 am

I’m kicking around some ideas to spice up this MITUSA adventure. I’m not buying much, and the stuff I do buy I’m in a groove of getting American-made, so I’m no longer so much doing and experiment as I am just living a different lifestyle. (A lifestyle without new shirts, which is really getting annoying.) Because of that, the reading is getting a bit boring. The adventure isn’t so… adventurous.

Interestingly, while I feel like I’m not buying anything, I’m still buying tons of things. My pockets are constantly full of receipts. Things like groceries and dining out and gasoline and lunches and whatnots. So I’m kicking around the idea of not buying anything for a month. Or maybe a week. Heck, even a day would be a real start.

I could go a day without buying anything, I think. No Starbucks in the a.m. Pack my own lunch. No gasoline on the drive home. Just living, not spending. That’d be good.

A week would be more of a challenge.

A month could get crazy.

Any thoughts?


  1. We need to buy more and not stop the flow, cold. Keep the energy exchange of money in motion. Buy creation. Buy art. Buy creative products. Make art. Trade. Barter. And watch America grow healthier and healthier, and the world, too. Its been good working with you.

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