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What I’m Learning

In Adventures on July 17, 2009 at 12:11 am

I forgot to mention earlier this month that it is now in fact actually halftime. I’ve been buying American for 2009, and it’s so far so good.

I’m settled into a groove/rut and not terribly stressed about what I buy. It’s essentially become ingrained in me. Here’s what I’ve learned so far, and at this point what I expect will happen next year when I’m no longer forcing myself to abide by this arbitrary rule.

1. I can’t buy clothes. Rather, I can’t buy clothes easily. Essentially I’ve got American Apparel, random misfit clothes, and vintage items to choose from. Next year I’m going to buy clothes, and they will be made abroad. BUT… I will probably by fewer clothes than I did in years past. And I’m guessing I’ll buy a lot fewer shoes, too.

2. Groceries are actually rather simple. With the exception of certain tropical items and the ease of imported olive oils, it’s not terribly hard to buy American-made foodstuffs. The real key is to buy truly locally produced foods. That’s bound to only get easier as more and more companies hop on the local/green bandwagon.

3. My views about electronics are new. I never liked the idea of buying used. Why would I want someone else’s trash? Turns out, I was wrong. Reusing in this case is recycling, and I would guess that I won’t hesitate to buying used electronics in the future–kinda like I did with my cell phone. (Although the computer thing… that’s going to be a tough one.)

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but these are the three main purchase types that are on my mind at the moment. The point is, I don’t think I’ll completely abandon the concept of doing with less and buying MITUSA products. It’s not as hard as it sounds, really.

I’ll probably just concentrate on buying four types of things: 1. USED, 2. AMERICAN, 3. LOCAL, 4. GREEN.



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