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Green Toys

In Adventures on July 21, 2009 at 12:09 am

I will probably buy some Green Toys. I’m belated on a couple of kids’ gifts, and I’m thinking this might be just the ticket. They’re cool kids, and these things are officially cool. See?

Reader #6 sent me the info. He wrote that review I just linked to, too. (In fact, he edits that blog. You should read it as well. Seriously. But only as long as it doesn’t take away from your MITUSA time.) And he is, obviously, a big fan of the Green Toys. Here’s why:

1. They are Made In The USA.
2. They are made of recycled milk jugs.
3. They are neat.

You can get a gardening set, a tea party set, a sand play set, a dish set, a chef set, a jumprope, a tool set and two variations on toy trucks–a dump truck and a recycling truck (not to be confused with a trash truck, although it looks quite similar).

You can buy them on Amazon, but I think I might visit a local bricks ‘n mortar store for them. A quick zip code search on the company’s web site offered a dozen retail locations within 10 miles, including the hip toy stores in town as well as the traditional big box toy stores.

That is pretty cool.


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