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Guerilla Glue

In Adventures on July 23, 2009 at 12:33 am

That would be cool. Guerilla Glue, for covertly and permanently affixing anti-establishment propaganda to places it shouldn’t be. But until that stuff’s invented, I suppose we’ll have to settle for Gorilla Glue.

End of dumb joke. Maybe.

Reader Dan (one of three known reader’s named Dan, making “Dan” by far the most popular reader name) recently sent me a story about Gorilla Glue (in which the company’s astute marketing department seized an opportunity from the news to get some good, and humorous, attention) with the note that the stuff is in fact MITUSA.

Gorilla Glue is great. It deserves its own Cool Tool writeup. (Sure enough, it got one several years ago when the site was edited by lesser types.) Cool Tools does a fine job of describing the product’s simple coolness, which IMHO is essentially that it glues things that shouldn’t stick together very well. And it lasts a long time in the bottle, although I recently discovered that my several-years-old bottle had solidified.

Then yesterday on a visit to the Depot (for wood trim that was impossible to find and which warrants its own brief writeup, to come) I walked past a sale display of Gorilla Super Glue. I like the Super family of glues a lot. Really. Sure enough, it’s MITUSA too.

I suppose if I really wanted Guerilla Glue I probably wouldn’t be concerned with its country of origin. But it would have to be packaged wonderfully. Xeroxed black label, maybe an anarchy symbol as a logo. No bar code. Etc.


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