Made In The U.S.A.

Wood. Trim. Sex.

In Adventures on July 25, 2009 at 12:49 am

No sex, really. But I thought about the vague double entendres in “wood” and “trim” and then figured the addition of “sex” may get this post to return higher in search results.

I went to the Depot recently in search of about two feet of half-inch thick, one-inch tall wood trim (molding? quarter-round? whatever.) to repair the bannister at the top of my stairs. I brought a sample to approximate, and nothing was remotely close. So then it became a mission of finding a new version that would work.

First, the nice hardwoods. Oak trim, really clear and straight and nice, was a bit pricy and all stickered Made In Canada. Ditto with the pine stuff, some of which was from Chile. At least it was stickered, I thought to myself as I searched for more usable stuff.

Next was what I thought would be the best option, really decorative stamped trims, made of what appeared to be clear, straight pine. It was also stamped, along with the other wood examples I browsed, from various places. I remember New Zealand being one of the more exotic. Mostly Canada, though.

Still, no wood trim that was remotely close to what I needed was MITUSA. (I wrote that sentence that way not to indicate that some trim I checked that was not remotely close to what I needed WAS stamped MITUSA, but rather to indicate that I didn’t bother checking the trim that was not remotely close to what I needed, so perhaps it MIGHT be MITUSA, but I wouldn’t know. And I doubt it.)

I did find a composite material, presumably a mix of recycled materials and plastics and wood pulps, compressed into bits of wood and stamped with patterns and “grained” to make the faux wood look a little more convincingly wood. It’s not bad, really. And it was stamped MITUSA. So I bought an 8-foot section for five bucks. I think it would have worked fine if I hadn’t gotten a piece that’s a bit too thick to work on my bannister. Still, I felt good-ish about the MITUSA, composite option. It would be nice to implement it, if only I could measure accurately and get a size that fits.



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