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The Delocator

In Adventures on August 2, 2009 at 12:40 am

I’m conflicted about this, because on the one hand I really want to support local businesses in every aspect of my consumer life. But on the other hand, I really like my venti iced coffee with three Splendas and half-and-half.

The Delocator is a web site you can use to find local business alternatives to corporate empire outposts in your area. launched in 2005 so users could locate independently owned coffee shops. The Delocator is the opposite of an online retail store locator, common to corporate store websites. In 2006 book stores and movie theaters were added. Finally, at the end of 2008, users can log in to the site, modify their entries and add [comments].

The coffee shop search function worked quite well for me, as did the bookstore delocator. I didn’t have as much luck with movies, music and organic food, so I’m thinking those options may be lagging behind on the site’s searchable database.

It’s probably most useful for travelers, because really–who doesn’t know the great coffee shop in their own neighborhood, or the best bookstore in their part f town? Still, a neat idea that seems to work.

Now if only my neighborhood coffee shop could make me a frappucino.



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