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I bought something. Dammit.

In Adventures on August 5, 2009 at 8:49 am

I was driving from work last night on my way to a networking event (ugh) and recounting how I’d made it through the day without buying anything, and now just needed to get through this event (at a microbrewery, so there would be temptations to avoid) and my subsequent tennis lesson (not really any danger there) without making a purchase. I’d packed sufficient snacks to be considered a legitimate dinner, so the danger of driving through someplace was minimized.

Then it hit me: I bought a photograph at lunch.

While reviewing the newest offering at 20×200, I became hooked on this photo from this artist and for $20 (plus $8.50 S&H) I figured why not add to my collection. Only later did I realize that offering someone money in exchange for a photographic print is considered by some to be a purchase. Duh.

So I’m trying again today. So far so good; half a cup of day-old coffee in lieu of Starbucks, and plans to avoid the temptation to dine out when I’m downtown around lunchtime.

Wish me luck again.


  1. buying art doesn’t count as a purchase–it’s more like leaving money in the collection plate at church or temple, a form of prayer

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