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My birthday.

In Adventures on August 21, 2009 at 12:05 am

My birthday is coming up, and so I’m obligated to provide gift suggestions to my beloved. That raises a question: do I ask her for only MITUSA items, or do I ask her specifically for all of the non-MITUSA items I can’t buy but desperately want?

Turns out, the right answer (IMHO) is to ask for the few items I want that are MITUSA (a new-to-me used record player, some books that are probably printed in the USA, and a particular clothing item that there’s no way she’s ever going to buy for me, but she could because it’s probably MITUSA), and not worry too much if she decides to buy me off-list things that are or are not MITUSA certified. I’m fine with that.

I also know that she’s been paying a little more attention to labels this year. Not necessarily only buying American items, but at least occasionally out of curiosity checking origins too. So I think she will probably buy conscientiously, no matter what she does.

The rest of you can send me cash, or bank transfers via Paypal.


  1. Go for the Bib’s Bill!
    Hope you have a good Birthday, and congrats with the not buying anything(much) week.


  2. If she won’t buy you the overalls I may have to myself.

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