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Did you know the Whole Foods guy is apparently a jerk?

In Adventures on September 10, 2009 at 12:39 am

I didn’t.

But it sort of explains the prices.

The CEO whose name I don’t feel like writing as my own minor means of protest recently wrote an anti-health-care-reform Op-Ed in the Journal. He also got busted a couple of years ago for utilizing fake identities online to degrade his own workers as well as competitors (in hopes of driving their stock down to make takeover easier). And he makes sure his company is strongly pro-monopolization, anti-union and farmer-indifferent.

Because of all this stuff (but mostly the healthcare thing) there’s a big movement to boycott the company.

I’m going to boycott it too. Not because I think it will have any effect, and not because I want to add my voice to the outraged masses. But because I can’t really afford to shop there. And I don’t really want to.

We’re here. We’re poor. Get used to it.


P.S. Whole Foods qualifies as Stuff White People Like. A great read–as are the humorless comments.

  1. […] should also point out that the author of the piece is the co-founder, along with the maybe awful CEO of Whole Foods, of an organization called FLOW. It sure looks nice and friendly. And their agenda involves […]

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