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Wedding Registry

In Adventures on September 14, 2009 at 12:25 am

Shelley and I started wedding shopping. Sorry if this is a crass thing to write about. But it pertains.

Here’s the thing: I’m not buying. I’m picking out. And it’s my wedding. And housewares just ain’t MITUSA. So I’ve made the executive decision to not freak out about it and get all MITUSA-OCD. Besides, the wedding’s not ’til next year.

So we browsed around Macy’s and finally found something we both loved in the china department. (We don’t often agree on aesthetic items. Or at least, the things we love aren’t usually the same. The things we’re fine with usually are.) We both LOVED a particular Vera Wang china pattern, so that’s what we registered for. It’s Wedgewood, so it’s not MITUSA. It’s MITEngland. But at least it’s not MIChina, right?

Turns out, Lenox (at least some of the Lenox plates I looked at) are in fact MITUSA. But we didn’t love that one. So I didn’t insist that we register for it.

Still. I feel a little guilty even shopping for things from other countries. What has happened to me that I get palpitations over English imports?

Will it make you happy to know that the All-Clad cookware we registered for is 100% Made In The USA? That’s not easy to do with cookware, you know. But then again, All-Clad seems to be some of the best. It’s always interesting to me that in some areas, all the best stuff is MITUSA. And in others, none of the best is.

I have no idea where the blender, mixer, and all the other gadgetry comes from. But some of it’s Martha Stewart endorsed. That can’t be so bad, right?


  1. A great wedding gift would be cookware made in the Pacific NW. 100% US made, eco friendly and the same pans that chefs use at work and at home. Check it out!

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